Warranty & Replacement Policy

Hartech Electronics Standard Limited Warranty applies to the following products:

Zelux LED Lighting complete product Range

  • Geographic Validity: Only geographical boundaries of India
  • Length of Warranty: 2 Years, unless local law requires a longer period in which case it will be that period of time

“ZELUX LED” means the local legal entity of Hartech Electronics that you purchased directly or indirectly the products from.

“Product” means the Hartech Electronics or ZELUX LED branded LED LIGHTING product that you purchased from Hartech electronics or through an unauthorized reseller or retailer.

Warranty Claims

This limited warranty is provided by Hartech electronics and covers defects in workmanship and materials in your product. This warranty period lasts from the date of purchase at the point of sale to you, the original end user, unless otherwise agreed in writing (the “Warranty Period”). This Limited Warranty is transferable to subsequent owners but only for the unexpired portion of the Warranty Period.

Warranty Coverage

If a product becomes defective within the Hartech Electronics limited warranty period, one of the following options, as selected by Hartech Electronics, will be performed at no charge for materials or labor costs, unless this should be impossible or disproportionate. It is mandatory that customer notify Hartech Electronics of the product defect within the warranty period, and provided that Hartech Electronics through inspection establishes the existence of such a defect and that it is covered by this limited warranty:

  • Repairing the Zelux LED Lighting products partly or whole at Hartech Electronics
  • Exchange for a Replacement Product (of equivalent value according to model and age)

Alternatively, at Hartech Electronics’s sole discretion, cash compensation equal to the products residual value may be offered.

The term “disproportionate” applies in particular if the costs to Hartech Electronics were deemed unreasonable according to the following criteria:

  • With reference to the value the product would have without the defect
  • Taking into account the significance of the defect, and
  • After consideration of alternative workaround possibilities available to the customer without significant inconvenience

If Hartech Electronics repairs or replaces a product, its warranty continues for the remaining portion of the original Warranty Period or 90 days from the date of the return shipment to the customer whichever is greater. All replaced products and all parts removed from repaired products become the property of Hartech Electronics.

Warranty Limitations

This Limited Warranty does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product or cover normal wear and tear of the product or costs related to the removal, installation, or troubleshooting of the customer’s electrical systems. The warranty claims that relate to defects caused by any of the following factors are not covered by the Limited Warranty:

  • Improper Use or Non-compliance with installation, commissioning, operation or maintenance instructions (i.e. not according to the operation & installation manual)
  • Unauthorized modifications, changes or attempted repairs,
  • Vandalism, destruction through external influence and/or persons/animals
  • Use in an unsuitable environment, including any environment or location that causes excessive wear and tear or dirt or dust or debris buildup within the system or that is difficult or unsafe for Hartech Electronics representatives to access
  • Insufficient ventilation
  • Installation in a corrosive environment
  • Failure to observe applicable safety standards & regulations
  • Damages during transportation or storage
  • Force majeure, examples include, but not limited to: fire, flood, earthquakes, storm damage, overvoltage & lightning strikes
  • Any fire, water, snow, moisture, or liquid ingress
  • Used as a component part of a product expressly warranted by another manufacturer
  • If the original identification (trade-mark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered, or removed
  • Cosmetic shortcoming which do not impair the use of the product for the intended purpose i.e. Lumanation

Warranty claims also exclude:

  • Damages arising due to the fact that the use of the product for the intended purpose is no longer possible or only possible with restrictions as a result of amendments to the statutory provisions applicable to the operation of the product made after the delivery of the product
  • Compensation for damages related to loss of power production or any expenses incurred by customer towards repair & replacement of the Products (including but not limited to labor, transportation, temporary power)
  • Cost arising from changes to existing PV systems or building installations and like

Warranty Return and Repair Process

Contact Hartech Electronics Customer Service representative with brief description of the error to evaluate & troubleshoot the issue while inverter is in the field as many problems can be solved on site.

Please contact your Local Hartech Electronics Customer Service Center or visit our website at: www.zeluxled.com

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

After attempts to correct the problem with customer’s assistance, if the product has to be returned to Hartech Electronics for repair, the customer must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and the correct factory “Ship To” address. Product shipments will be refused and returned at your expense if they are unauthorized or returned without an RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box or if they are shipped collect or if they are shipped to the wrong location.

When you contact Hartech Electronics to obtain service, please have your instruction manual ready for reference and be prepared to supply:

  • The serial number and product code of your product
  • Information about the installation or inspection certificate
  • Information about the failure and/or reason for the return
  • A copy of your dated proof of purchase

Hartech Electronics reserves the right to refuse exchange requests for lack of proper documentation and information.

Once the RMA has been issued

Hartech Electronics will generally ship an equivalent replacement inverter to the specified customer or the distributor location within 48- 72 hours. Standard ground shipping costs are covered by Hartech Electronics both ways. Any expedited shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer and billed accordingly.

An allegedly defective product must be returned to Hartech Electronics in the same transport packaging that the replacement unit was provided in. Hartech Electronics will supply all labels and documentation for the return of the defective product. The defective product must be shipped back to Hartech Electronics within 10 working days after receiving the replacement inverter. If we do not receive the product within this timeframe, the unit cost will be billed back to the customer (including shipping and handling fees).

Visually evident damage caused by shipping or mishandling is to be reported to the freight carrier within 24 hours. Shipping damage is the responsibility of the freight carrier, not  Hartech Electronics, and should always be duly noted with the freight carrier prior to accepting and signing for the product

Any products that are damaged during the returned shipping process are not covered by this warranty. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for this damage.

Invalid Warranty Claim

If the returned defective product to Hartech Electronics pursuant to this Policy, and is found by Hartech Electronics  to be free of defects that would qualify it for replacement under this Policy.

Disclaimer Product

This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty provided by Hartech Electronics in connection with your Hartech Electronics product and is, where permitted by law, in lieu of all other warranties, conditions, guarantees, representations, obligations and liabilities, express or implied, statutory or otherwise in connection with the product, however arising (whether by contract, tort, negligence, principles of manufacturer’s liability, operation of law, conduct, statement or otherwise), including without restriction any implied warranty or condition of quality, merchantability, merchantable quality, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Any implied warranty or condition of merchantability, merchantable quality, or fitness for a particular purpose to the extent required under applicable law to apply to  the product shall be limited in duration to the period stipulated under this limited warranty

In no event will Hartech Electronics be liable for: (a) any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits, lost revenues, failure to realize expected savings, or other commercial or economic losses of any kind, even if Hartech Electronics has been advised, or had reason to know, of the possibility of such damage; (b) any liability arising in tort, whether or not arising out of schneider electric ‘s negligence, and all losses or damages to any property or for any personal injury or economic loss or damage caused by the connection of a product to any other product or system; and (c) any damage or injury arising from or as a result of misuse or abuse, or the incorrect installation, integration or operation of the product by persons not authorized by Hartech Electronics.

limitation of liability where applicable law allows and does not prohibit or limit, Hartech Electronics’s liability for anything relating to this product, excluding liability for bodily injury or death shall be limited to the price paid for the product.

If applicable law does not allow an exclusion of implied warranties, limitation of liability, on the duration of an implied warranty, or on the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, the above limitation(s) or exclusion(s) will only apply to the extent permitted by applicable law. this limited warranty gives you specific legal rights.  in the event of any dispute, the same shall be subject to Delhi jurisdiction.